Empowering Women

Our work in this area is focussed on enabling women’s access to resources  and opportunities, and promoting their agency and decision making power. Towards this end, we work on the following:
  • Building and strengthening women’s collectives.
  • Providing collectives with access to information – on available services as well as their rights. We not only help them with the relevant information, but also provide support in making sense of it and use it to their best advantage.
  • Building self-esteem and capacity through counselling, life skills training and mentoring support through the entire journey of self-development and growth. This includes support in making decisions on learning, capacity building and work opportunities as well as dealing with environment and overcoming barriers.
  • Creating access to credit, skill training, job placements and economic literacy.
  • Providing technical assistance for business enterprises run by women and linking them with appropriate services to ensure long term sustainability of financial ventures.
  • Interacting with families and communities with a view to improving status of women and girls and the shifting of gender norms.
Empowering Women