Our Story

Set up in 2014, AECWF acts as a catalyst of change that fosters, develops and promotes initiatives to achieve the economic empowerment of women. Our work is strongly rooted in lives of urban underprivileged women, and is focussed on creating access to skills and services, changing gender norms and attitudes and advocating for gender sensitive policies and environment.


All people, especially women are enabled to live lives as full and equal participants in their communities.

Mission :

Enhance wellbeing, dignity and livelihood opportunities of underprivileged women.

Our Values:

represent what we believe in, stand for, and how we approach everything we do.
supportive service


We are real and honest with ourselves and others. Our interactions are open and transparent.


We aim to identify and address issues of power, privilege, and oppression in what we do.


We embrace risk-taking and experimentation, learning what does and does not work. We share what we learn with our stakeholders.


We believe in the inherent worth of people and honour their unique backgrounds, skills, and views. We appreciate individual differences and diverse opinions and work together to create a mutually supportive environment.

Our Story