AECWF believes that investing in the Economic Empowerment of women is a critical pathway to addressing gender inequality and is vital in bringing about sustainable and transformative change – in the lives of the women, their families and the society. By providing a supportive community and policy environment we work towards making women independent and economically secure so that they have the necessary e resources, choice and opportunity to realize their potential.

Understanding that there are many layers to the impediments challenging women’s economic empowerment, our programme approach is multi-pronged and includes supporting the building of women’s capacities through counselling, job and life skills, the building of microenterprises along with supportive services that address needs of child care, gender based violence, and reproductive health, . We do this, also, because we believe that for women to realize their potential, economic empowerment needs to be supplemented by empowerment in other spheres. Therefore, we work on shifting gender norms, and advocate for the making and implementation of gender sensitive policies.

At present our work focuses on the lives of underprivileged women living in urban slums in India. While some of the interventions are led directly by the organization, in other cases, AECWF facilitates these by providing appropriate linkages… We work primarily via the building and strengthening of women’s collectives.